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Hints on How to Feed Koi Fish

How to care for koi. Welcome to

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Leaving the cold water in your koi pond circulating around your koi will reduce their body temperature. The eggs usually hatch in three to five days when temperatures are kept around 'F. There are mainly two types of goldfish.

Guidelines for Winter Koi Pond Care Maintenance

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Goldfish can also show a range of social behaviors. With an average-sized filter, your preferred stocking level will be based on surface area of the pond. The reason to raise your aerator to the top is to keep it from circulating the cold water around your koi at the bottom of your koi pond.

Tips for Winter Care of Koi & Goldfish

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During winter months, goldfish will become sluggish , stop eating, and often stay on the bottom of the pond. The flat body types generally are the hardiest, most competitive , and easiest to care for - thus they are most suited for beginners. Other sites for these ponds were in the grounds of monasteries and temples , where monks would watch over them as guardians. Preparing your Koi Pond for Winter Care Maintenance Preparing your Koi Pond for Winter Care Maintenance Guidelines for Winter Koi Pond Care Maintenance The steps you take to properly shut down your koi pond in the fall for winter will determine the quality of your koi pond water and the health of your koi and pond fish in the spring.

Koi Pond Water Quality

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